Enough For Me

by From Rooftops

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released 18 April 2013
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Written and performed by From Rooftops.
Recorded at Whalehead Records with Jon Anderson.




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Track Name: Enough For Me
All along we've held up all these walls
Built them up with sticks and stones
It took me years to stack them high enough
They're never high enough for you
It only takes a second now to tear all my defenses to the ground

It's taken everything within me
To break the bonds that held me for so long
A still small voice
Reveals a choice for me
To make before we all get swept away

Goodbye to false pretense
Pretend we don't need this
We'll bid farewell to hopelessness
Hold on, tomorrow
And shed your sorrow
Your love will always be enough for me

(How soon will we forget?)